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V2’s Favorite Apps for International Travel


Did you know you can use your smartphone to make the most of your travel experiences? While traveling you want to keep your eyes off the screens and take in the world around you, yet there are plenty of apps to keep you organized and informed so you can stay present while traveling!


Here are V2’s top 10, must-have apps for international travel.


  1. Trip It or TripCase - These apps allow you to access all your travel plans in one spot…Flight reservations, rental cars, hotels and more! Sync with your mobile calendar, share your itineraries and stay organized all in one place.
  2. FLIO - Partnered with 300 airports, FLIO was created to be your one-stop shop for all things air travel. From booking flights and shuttle locations to airport maps and lounge information, this app has you covered!
  3. Mobile Passport - Want to make American immigration and customs a breeze? The Mobile Passport app allows you to fill out your immigration and customs information from your phone and skip the lines at the airport. Whoo-hoo!
  4. Accuweather - An accurate, international weather app is crucial for traveling and making plans. From 15 days out to minute-by-minute updates, this app has a variety of different forecasts to keep you from getting stuck in a storm!
  5. Packpoint - Packpoint creates a packing list based on destination, duration of trip, weather forecasts and other information you capture in your trip profile. This is your personal packing assistant!
  6. Google Maps - Use this app easily across devices, on or offline. Create and share maps, pin desired destinations and keep travel time down with Google Maps.
  7. Google Translate - Easily translate words, short phrases or signage from one language to another. Use the offline feature or the two-way voice translate for any of your international language barrier needs.
  8. Trip Advisor - Looking for honest reviews about the best places in town? Check out Trip Advisor! Millions of real reviews are crowd sourced for your convenience. Why gamble on a restaurant or a museum when you could find out if it’s worth it in just a few clicks!
  9. XE Currency - XE Currency offers online and offline capability to see real-time currency rates and accurately stay on top of how much money you’re spending.
  10. UBER - Although you may already have this app and use it at home, it’s also an incredible tool for getting around international cities! With Uber the rides are quick and reliable and they provide a sense of safety with real-time updates on the in-app map as you go.

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