How to Maximize Attendee Engagement on an Incentive Trip


Your attendees have arrived at their destination and this is your chance to get them locked in and gain their loyalty by upping your engagement. Incentive programs often host receptions as a time for attendees to chat and get to know each other but have you thought about how you can take your program to the next level in terms of engagement?


Although everyone likes the usual incentive events, sometimes it’s the more impromptu or unique get-togethers that help create relationships and lifelong memories. The first step to increasing engagement is to create an onsite channel for communication, such as a customizable trip app. This allows you to send out push notifications and gather your guests at a moment’s notice. Guests can share photos via a social wall, communicate with other attendees and travel staff, plus they’ll have a quick reference tool for checking agendas, dress codes, etc.


The types of events you host and what you think will best suit the attendees to increase engagement is up to you! Have you ever hosted fun onsite competitions such as ping-pong or beach volleyball? This is an interactive way to create comradery and a tradition you can repeat year after year. If you have a mellower group, you could schedule a morning scenic walk where attendees can bond and experience the destination together. Host a casino night, plan a photo-op hike, the opportunities are endless! Bottom line, you want to give your attendees the chance to get to know everyone in a structured event.


The goal of any successful incentive program is to motivate and inspire your participants and then equally reward them. Increasing the quality and in some cases quantity of your events shows the value the trip holds to its attendees. Talk to V2 Incentives today to get unique ideas on how to engage with your attendees and make the most of your incentive program!

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