Satisfy Your Wanderlust in Your Hometown


Do you want to spark your sense of adventure but don’t have time to plan an out of town vacation? Satisfy your wanderlust in your home town! It’s easy to find yourself getting into a routine where you live…going to the same places each week, driving the same roads, etc. But what would you do if someone was visiting you? Each city is full of unique attractions that you can take advantage of but often don’t because “you can always do it a different time.” Well that time is now!


Whether that means a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, a museum that caught your eye, a national park or an iconic amusement park worth exploring, it’s time to become an expert local. If you’re in Vegas, visit the Seven Magic Mountains Sculpture! New York? The Letchworth State Park is a must! Or if you live in Chicago, Wrigley Field holds history and excitement. Adventure and hidden gems are everywhere if you just venture out. Look up travel blogs from people who carved out time in their schedule to check out YOUR backyard and find out what outsiders think about where you live. The places which you may write off as “touristy” (if you live there) may actually be worth checking out, at least once! If people travel far and wide to see it, chances are you should see it, too!

So go ahead and play tourist…make an itinerary for a day, a weekend or a whole week of the coolest things to do in your area. It’s important to make a plan and do research on operation hours, costs, parking and any other important information ahead of time for smooth sailing!

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