Six tips to stay motivated when working from home

1. Set a schedule and plan out your breaks.

When working from home, it’s easy to get a late start to your day or get easily distracted. To avoid this, make a daily schedule and get started early! Create a list of everything you need to get done that day and schedule out when you’re going to do it. Instead of procrastinating and starting your day at 10am, after watching two hours of reality TV in the morning, schedule in TV (or prepping dinner or reading your book!) as a break or a reward for your hard work. Have the mindset of, “If I finish this project I can watch the new Game of Thrones episode as my well-deserved break.” It’s much better than, “I’ll start working later.” This allows you to take advantage of the perks of working from home without letting them take control of your day and affect your work!

2. Create your work zone and keep it organized.

It’s important to keep your work zone and your personal zone separated – when possible! Set aside a place in your home that’s dedicated to your work and make it your productive haven. Try to avoid working from bed. This muddles the lines between work time and relaxation time which can make you less productive. Keeping your work space clean and organized will help keep your mind that way as well.

3. Get outside.

Although not having to commute is a huge benefit, sometimes it allows you to stay inside all day (or if you’re like me, days at a time!). Be sure you get outside a little each day. Whether that means you meet someone for coffee, walk to the grocery store or hit the gym, try to exist outside the confines of your home! Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for your creativity and productivity.

4. It’s okay to turn on your DND.

Every message you get from a coworker or otherwise, although sometimes important, can derail your productivity! If you’re working on a project that requires you to really immerse yourself, turn on your DND (do not disturb) until you’re ready for a break. This is your way of saying to your coworkers, “Only call me if there’s an emergency!”

5. Relocate from time to time.

Sometimes having your bed right around the corner can be a little too tempting! If you’re feeling unmotivated, relocate to a coffee shop or shared work space. Sometimes being a little uncomfortable or seeing other people being productive is just the trick to get you up and working again.

6. Remember all the GREAT benefits of working from home.

If you work from home, you’re already reaping all the incredible benefits…but as a reminder, remote workers get more time back for personal use than those who go to the office! Your time is not spent commuting, getting situated at your desk, trying to dodge your chatty coworker or sitting in meetings that could have been emails. Working from home means you get the freedom to succeed in your career while the laundry is going and you’re in lounge clothes…and what’s better than that??

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