How to Stay Healthy While Traveling


Focusing on your health while traveling can be super simple with a little planning! Follow these  10 tips to stay in tip-top shape while on the road…


1. Stay hydrated

This is the number one, most important, most effective and easiest thing to do! Drink SO. MUCH. WATER! This easily forgotten tip helps every part of your body stay healthy. Travel with a reusable water bottle and fill it up every chance  you get. Not only are you saving money and helping the environment by reusing a water bottle, you are also giving your body what it needs to feel good and energized!


2. Book a hotel that encourages a healthy lifestyle

Taking care of yourself is in right now (thank goodness for that!) and hotels are following suit with the trends. From in-room yoga mats and high-end gyms to guided hikes and spa wellness programs, hotels are making it easier to keep your healthy routine on track while traveling!


3. Try to work out a little each day

Whether that’s doing 25 squats before you go to bed or doing an in-room yoga “class,” just adding 15-20 minutes of exercise a day makes a difference. It gets your body moving a little and keeps your mind conscious of your health goals.


4. Check out the hotel gym and spa

Sneak in a workout, pamper yourself with a spa treatment or detoxify in the steam room (with a gallon of water, of course!). Your body can hold toxins longer than you think and sweating it out is a great way to feel refreshed.


5. Pack healthy snacks

Finding something healthy, quick and affordable to eat on the road can be a little challenging. Make snack time easier by bringing some of your favorite healthy snacks to eat when you’re in a bind. This will save time and money, not to mention help you resist the temptation to buy junk food while you’re on the go.


6. Walk around

Walking around town, instead of taking a cab or public transportation, gives you multiple advantages while traveling! Not only do you get your steps and a mini workout in for the day, you also experience the area at a different level than you would from a car or bus. Remember to pack comfortable shoes!


7. Get enough sleep and limit alcohol

Maintaining a good sleep schedule and limiting your alcohol consumption go hand in hand. Sufficient sleep helps your immune system and gives you  energy to make the most of your travels.  While partying is part of vacation fun, ease on the side of caution with hitting it too hard. Alcohol decreases the quality of your sleep and definitely affects the way you feel in the morning!


8. Use disinfecting wipes

Airplanes, popular modes of transportation and basically any other public places are full of germs! Avoid getting sick by using disinfecting wipes to clean public seating and your hands before eating or anytime you feel the need to “freshen up!”


9. Get as much sunlight as you can

Embrace the powers of Vitamin D! Well known as an immune system builder and natural mood enhancer, healthy doses of D are sure to keep your energy going. This is especially true if you’re trying to adjust to a new time zone. And remember to use your eco-friendly sunscreen!


10. Pack your vitamins and wellness supplements

Take your own essential “health pack” to maintain wellness and help your body fight off any potential chilling germs. Taking the 3 G’s (ginger, garlic, ginseng) can help keep your immune system strong so you can enjoy your travels.

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