How to learn a new language


If you can’t hit the pause button on life to drop everything and immerse yourself in a foreign culture, do not fret…There are other ways to learn a language! Whether you have an upcoming trip planned, want to help your kids with their homework or learning a language is a bucket list item, there are plenty of things you can do to become fluent in another language.


1. Download an app!

There is a plethora of apps that make it easy to learn, when it’s easy for you. Have a break at work? Waiting for the doctor? Take these otherwise boring moments to practice a new language! Some of our personal favorites are Duolingo and Babble.


2. Go back to the classics

Read your favorite children’s books in the language you are trying to learn! You already know and love these stories…reading them in a different language will help you pick up on what certain words mean. Or play a game of charades, this will help you learn the basic verbs in a fun (and free!) manner.


3. Listen to learn

Queue up radio stations, podcasts or books on tape in the language you are trying to learn! This can feel like a daunting task, but it proves to be one of the best ways to absorb linguist knowledge. By forcing yourself to be immersed in the auditory experience, you force your brain to process the information faster.


4. Practice, practice, practice!

When you learn a new word or phrase, repeat it to yourself over and over until it becomes second nature. Interject your new language skills at any given opportunity. Repetition is key!

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