How to 180 your incentive program


Looking for a way to reengage your customers and employees? Give your incentive programs a 180! The same promotion year after year can begin to feel stale for participants. This stagnant energy can cause your promotion to be less successful than if you implemented a more motivating style to your program.


The experts at V2 have found there are two simple changes that will spark greater interest in your incentive programs. The first is to change the rules. If your rules have always been the same, spice them up! Add something new or give your target audience an exciting opportunity to earn bonus points. Use this change in rules to target the week spot of your program and twist it into a positive. If you have trouble getting people to enroll, offer an early enrollment reward or a drawing to win a free spa treatment once onsite.


The second is to drastically change where the winners are traveling. If you've been using all-inclusive beach destinations, create some allure with an enticing new destination such as Europe or a mountain location! Traveling to Europe right now is more affordable than you might realize! Picking a destination that is drastically different encourages continued success. Talk to V2 and discuss how to boost incentive program participation and interest!

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